Kentucky State Rifle & Pistol Association

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Kentucky State Rifle and Pistol Association

Question: What is the difference between the individual membership and the club membership?

Answer: The difference being, the club membership is an affiliation membership which said club resides in the state of Kentucky and subscribes to the purposes and objectives of our organization. The term is for one year and during this time, an affiliated club may request to our organization to conduct a State Championship match or other matches that are sanctioned through our state organization. It also allows for the club to enter a team or teams into state organized and sanctioned shooting events. An individual membership in good standing shall have the privilege of competing for state individual trophies. The member will also have the right to attend board meetings and exercise their privilege of the floor. The individual membership also provides the member with the privileges of purchasing rifles, parts, ammunition and accessories from the CMP organization.

Posted 4-13-07

Last Updated on Saturday, 13 March 2010 22:14