Kentucky State Rifle & Pistol Association

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2012 KY LR State Championship



Date:  September 16, 2012
Location:  Scott Mountain Range, Fort Knox, Kentucky

Eligibility:  All competitors must be individual members the NRA and the KYSR&PA (or their state association of residence).  Only active duty military personnel are exempt from this rule.  Juniors may be members of a NRA affiliated Junior Rifle Club.  

Entry Fee:  Adults = $40.00, Juniors = $20.00.  Make checks payable to the Meade County Sportsmen’s Club (MCSC).  Match proceeds support junior high power shooting programs. 

Entries:  The range capacity is 50 shooters.  A roster of all competitors must be submitted to Fort Knox security personnel 15 days before the match.  Therefore, all shooters must have advanced entries.  Advanced entries must include NRA number (if you have one), phone number, address, and payment of entry fee for each individual.  All advanced entries must reach the match director at least 15 days before the match date.  Advanced entries will be refunded if notice of an entrant’s cancellation is given no later than 15 days before the match.  A self-addressed, stamped envelope must also be sent if the entry is to be acknowledged.  The matches are held on a military installation and subject to cancellation by the Army with little notice; without a telephone number, you may not be advised of a schedule change. 

Rules:  These are NRA Approved matches.  Unless modified by this program, current NRA rules will apply.  Open bolt indicators are required (Rule 3.21).  All competitors will wear eye and ear protection (Rules 3.19 & 3.20) in the pits.  All competitors will wear hearing protection on the firing line where eye protection is also highly encouraged.  Competitors will score, work in the target pits, and assist the Range and Pit Officers as required.  The use of plug type scoring gauges is restricted to the Pit Officer only. 

Sighting Shots:  Coaching during sighting shots is allowed to get the shooter on the target.  All sighting shots must be recorded on the back of the score card.  The shooter must tell the scorer when he is going to shoot for record before firing the first record shot.  Once the shooter has fired his first record shot, he can not shoot any more sighting shots.  Additional time may not be allowed for record shots if more than 5 sighting shots are fired. 

Rifle:  Any safe rifle.  There will be an Any Rifle category (Rule 3.2) and a Service Rifle category (Rule 3.1, 3.1.1, or 3.1.2).  Competitors must shoot the service rifle in both fired matches to be eligible for that aggregate award.  The M1C, M1D, M21, and similar scoped service rifle systems are allowed in the any sight matches. 
Ammunition:  Any safe ammunition (Rule 3.17.B). 
Challenges:  A $3.00 fee in exact change must accompany any challenge.  The fee will be refunded if the challenge is upheld. 

Classification:  The NRA classification system will be used.  A current NRA Long Range or F-Class classification card, temporary score book, or assigned classification is acceptable.  If four or more unclassified competitors compete they will be placed in a separate class, otherwise they will shoot as Masters.  An unclassified shooter has not shot in a NRA Registered or Approved match within the past three years and must be sponsored by a classified shooter. 

F-Class Category:  F-Class Prone (Rule 5.6.1) is fired from the prone position and the rifle may be supported with a rear and/or front rest (Rule 5.3, 3.2). 
Squadding:  All matches will be squadded at the registration table which opens at 7:30 am EDT.  Advanced entries will be honored until 8:00 am. 
Match Schedule:  Firing will commence at 8:30 am. 
Match 1 – 1000 yd. Slow fire, prone; unlimited sighters and 20 shots for record in 30 minutes.  Any rifle, any sights, NRA Rule 3.7.c. 
Match 2 – 1000 yd. Slow fire, prone; unlimited sighters and 20 shots for record 30 minutes.  Any rifle, metallic sights, NRA Rule 3.7(a)1 or 3.7(a)2. 
Match 3 – Aggregate of matches 1 & 2. 




Awards: Individual trophies will be awarded for State Long Range Champion and State F-Class Champion (who must be Kentucky residents) and Match Winner (if not also high residents) for Match 3. Trophies will also be awarded for State Junior Champion and High F-Class F/TR for Match 3. Individual trophies will be awarded to Match Winners in Matches 1 & 2 and to First in Class for Match 3. Classifications with less than four competitors will be grouped up into the next higher class. 



 A service rifle must be used in both fired matches to be eligible for that aggregate award. 

A F-T/R rifle must be used in both fired matches to be eligible for the F-T/R awards. 


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