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2012 High Power Championships


Date: Kentucky State High Power Rifle Championship – September 15, 2012
Location: Scott Mountain Range, Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Eligibility: The State High Power Rifle Championship is open to individual members of the NRA who are also members of the KYSR&PA or their state association of residence.  Active duty military personnel are exempt from this requirement.  Juniors may be members of an NRA affiliated Junior Rifle Club.

Entry Fee: KY State High Power Rifle Championship: Adults = $40.00, Juniors = $20.00.  Make checks payable to Meade County Sportsmen’s Club (MCSC).  Proceeds support junior programs.

Entries: The range capacity is 50 shooters.  A roster of all competitors must be submitted to Fort Knox security personnel 9 days before the match so all shooters must have advanced entries.  Please see the link on the left for Requirements to Access Fort Knox.  Advanced entries must reach the match coordinator at least 9 days before the match date.  Advanced entries will be refunded if notice of an entrant’s cancellation is given no later than 9 days before the match.  A self-addressed, stamped envelope must also be sent if the entry is to be acknowledged.  The matches are held on a military post and may be cancelled with little notice; w/out a phone number, you may not be advised of a schedule change.

Rules: The Kentucky State High Power Rifle Championship is an NRA Registered Match.  Unless modified by this program, current NRA rules will apply.  The jury system (Rule 11.2.1) will be used to interpret and resolve any rule disputes.  Open bolt indicators are required (Rule 3.21).  All competitors will wear eye and ear protection (Rules 3.19 & 3.20) in the pits.  All competitors will wear hearing protection on the firing line where eye protection is also highly encouraged.  Competitors will score, work in the target pits, and assist the Range and Pit Officers as required.  The use of plug type scoring gauges is restricted to the Pit Officer only.

Rifle: NRA match rifle (Rule 3.3) or NRA service rifle (Rule 3.1, 3.1.1, or 3.1.2). 
Ammunition: Any safe ammunition (NRA Rule 3.17.B). 
Challenges: A $3.00 fee in exact change must accompany any challenge.  The fee will be refunded if the challenge is upheld.

Classification: The Kentucky State High Power Rifle Championship will use the NRA classification system.  A current NRA High Power classification card, temporary score book, or assigned classification is acceptable.  If four or more unclassified competitors compete they will be placed in a separate class, otherwise they will shoot as Masters.  An unclassified shooter is a competitor that has not shot in a NRA Registered or Approved match within the past three years.  Unclassified shooters must be sponsored by a classified shooter.

Squadding: Squadding starts at 7:30 am eastern time.  Advanced entries honored until 8:00 am.

State Championship Match Schedule: Firing will commence at 8:30 am.
Match 1 – 200 yd. Slow fire, standing; two sighters & twenty record shots in 22 min; SR target. 
Match 2 – 200 yd. Rapid fire, sitting or kneeling; two sighters in two minutes and two – ten shot strings in 60 seconds each; SR target. 
Match 3 – 300 yd.  Rapid fire, prone; two sighters in two minutes and two – ten shot strings in 70 seconds each; SR-3 target. 
Match 4 – 600 yd.  Slow fire, prone; two sighters and twenty record shots in 22 min; MR-1 target. 
Match 5 – The Kentucky State High Power Rifle Championship aggregate of matches 1-4.

General: Bring your own food and water; there will be no lunch break.  Competitors should car pool and park as many vehicles as possible in the 600 yard line parking area.  If personal vehicles interfere with running the match smoothly, vehicles may be left at the 600 yard line.

Awards: Individual trophies will be awarded for State High Power Champion and State Service Rifle Champion (who must be Kentucky residents) and Match Winners (if not also high residents) for Match 5. Trophies will also be awarded for State Junior Champion and High Service Member for Match 5. Individual trophies will be awarded to Match Winners in Matches 1-4 and to First in Class for Match 5. If there are less than four competitors in a class, they will be grouped up into the next higher class. 


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