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2013 Garand Cllinic


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Date: April 27, 2013.      Location: Scott Mountain Range, Fort Knox, Kentucky. 
Eligibility: Anyone 12 years of age or older may participate in the clinic.

Entry Fee: Adults = $40.00; Juniors = $20.00.  Make checks payable to the Meade County Sportsmen’s Club (MCSC).  Clinic proceeds support junior high power shooting programs.

Entries: The range capacity is 50 shooters.  A roster of all competitors must be submitted to Fort Knox security personnel 9 days before the match so all shooters must notify the Match Director absolutely NO LATER THAN April 17. 

Advanced entries must include NRA number (if you have one), phone number, full name, NO NICKNAMES, including middle name, current address, and date of birth.  Entry fees will be collected at the range, the day of the match.  

Email your intentions to attend the Garand Clinic, and the information listed above to Match Director  Wayne McLeod

The matches are held on a military post and may be cancelled with little notice; w/out a phone number or an email address, you may not be advised of a schedule change.


Mandatory Background Checks for all personnel:

Please see link at the left for Fort Knox Gate Procedures

Rifles and Ammunition:


M1 Garand rifles will be provided at the range and caliber .30 M2 Ball ammunition will be issued on the firing line.  Juniors may be provided AR15 Service Rifles and .223 caliber ammunition.  No other rifles or ammunition may be used.

Rules: This is a CMP Approved Garand Clinic and current CMP competition rules will apply.  Unless modified by this program, current NRA rules will govern the firing procedures.  Open bolt indicators are required (Rule 3.21).  All competitors will wear eye and ear protection (Rules 3.19 & 3.20) in the pits.  All competitors will wear hearing protection on the firing line while eye protection is highly encouraged while on the firing line.  Competitors will score, work in the target pits, and assist the Range and Pit Officers as required.  The use of plug type scoring gauges is restricted to the Pit Officer only.  No challenges, alibis, or refires will be allowed because of rifle or ammunition malfunctions or inability to reload the rifle in any stage of the match.

Schedule of Events: This is a busy day and every effort will be made to keep on schedule. 
7:30am – Gather at gate to Scott Mountain Range. 
8:00am – Open gate, travel to 600 yard line, confirm entries and pay match fees. 
8:30am – Welcome, safety briefing, roll call, break group into four relays. 
9:00am – Depart for instruction stations at target pits, 200 yard line, and 300 yard line. 
9:15am – Begin instruction, 30 minutes of instruction and 15 minutes to rotate between stations. 
10:00am – Start second station. 
10:45am – Start third station. 
11:30am – Start fourth station. 
12:00pm – Lunch Break. 
1:00pm – Relay 1 shoots course of fire; relay 2 scores, relays 3 & 4 in the pits. 
1:45pm – Relay 2 shoots course of fire; relay 1 scores, relays 3 & 4 in the pits. 
2:30pm – Rotate between firing line and pits. 
3:00pm – Relay 3 shoots course of fire; relay 4 scores, relays 1 & 2 in the pits. 
3:45pm – Relay 4 shoots course of fire; relay 3 scores, relays 1 & 2 in the pits. 
4:30pm – Clean up: relays 1 & 2 police the pits and relays 3 & 4 police the firing lines. 
5:00pm – Issue certificates. 
5:30pm – Leave range.


Course of Instruction:  The day’s instruction is broken into four stations.  
Station 1 – 300 yard line, firing point 3: assembly/disassembly & maintenance of rifle. 
Station 2 – 300 yard line, firing point 8: sight alignment, trigger control, firing the shot. 
Station 3 – 200 yard line, firing point 6: shooting positions, range commands, demonstration. 
Station 4 – Target pits, target 6: marking targets, scoring, safety, range etiquette.

Course of Fire: All Firing will be conducted at 200 yards; there will be a coach on each firing point. 
Stage 1 – Slow fire, prone; 5 sighting shots & 10 shots for record in 15 minutes; all rounds must be single loaded. 
Stage 2 – Rapid fire, prone; 10 shots in 70 seconds with a clip or magazine change. 
Stage 3 –Slow fire, standing; 10 shots in 10 minutes; all rounds must be single loaded.


The Fort Knox Physical Security Office has informed us of the information required for all personnel who want to attend a shooting event on Scott Mountain Range in 2013. The regulations have changed from last year and all personnel must pass a background check each year. 

Please see the link at the left for further information, or contact the  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

General: Bring your own food and water.  Competitors are encouraged to car pool and park as many vehicles as possible in the 600 yard line parking area.  If personal vehicles interfere with running the clinic smoothly, we will require all vehicles to be left at the 600 yard line.

Motels: There are several inexpensive motels near the range, including:
Best Western Gold Vault Inn, 1225 N Dixie Hwy, Radcliff (270) 351-1141. 
Golden Manor Motel, 346 Dixie Hwy, Muldraugh (270) 942-2800.

CAUTION: These matches are held on a U.S. military installation and all personnel will be subject to all applicable federal laws and military regulations when traveling on post.  Concealed Carry Permits are not valid on federal installations and carrying concealed weapons of any kind on Ft. Knox is against federal law and military regulations.  Competitors are advised to arrive at Fort Knox early in order to process through the gate and arrive at the clinic promptly.   

 Fort Knox regulations require all personnel on Scott Mountain Range to provide the following information and pass a background check in 2013: 

  1. Full name, including middle name.  NO NICKNAMES
  2. Current Address 
  3. Date of birth
  4. Send this information to the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  .This information will be collected by the Match Director until 4:30 pm on April 17 for Garand Clinic 

Directions: Enter the post through Chaffee Gate.  After clearing Security, drive down Bullion to Eisenhower.  Turn right and go under the railroad tracks.  Continue through the base, past Burger King, and down a steep hill to the STOP sign at Main Range Road.  Here Eisenhower turns into Porter River Road.  Continue across Main Range Road to the first gate on the right.  Turn right and go up the steep hill on the gravel road.  Assemble at the 600 yard line parking lot for registration and squadding.

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