Kentucky State Rifle & Pistol Association

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What is the KYSRPA?

Kentucky State Rifle and Pistol Association Purposes and Objectives

This organization will hereinafter be known as the Kentucky State Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc. a not for profit organization registered in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  It shall be affiliated with the National Rifle Association and the Civilian Marksmanship Program, and may be affiliated with other organizations that share common interest (amended 10/26/2002.)

In accordance with the objectives and purposes of the National Rifle Association, the objectives of this Association shall be to create a public sentiment for the encouragement of training in the safe use of firearms as a sport, and as an essential contribution to the national security.

Detailed objectives of this Association shall be as follows:

(a)    To encourage, assist and continuously promote the acceptance of marksmanship as a major scholastic and interscholastic sport in both public and privately endowed school systems.

(b)   To actively assist in the training of instructors to educate the public in the safe use of firearms.

(c)    To promote and encourage the sponsorship and accomplishment of competitive shooting both indoors and outdoors throughout the Commonwealth

(d)   To sponsor and promote local and State championships, sectional and regional competitions, and all NRA and locally recognized courses of fire for pistol, revolver, small bore rifle, and high power rifle; and to collaborate with and encourage all muzzle-loading and bench-rest activities and gun collection hobbies.

(e)    To support the National Board for Promotion of Rifle Practice, and to encourage the enrollment of all qualified clubs with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (amended 10/26/2002.)

(f)     To select the members of the rifle and pistol teams representing this Commonwealth in all levels of competition.

(g)    To encourage and assist in the formation of junior and senior rifle and pistol clubs.

(h)    To act expediently against any unsound and unnecessarily restrictive firearms legislation proposed by any city, county or legislative body of this Commonwealth, or by the Congress of the United States of America.


2015 Junior Marksmanship Training Schedule of events


2015 Local Area (Northern Kentucky) matches and Practice Dates

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